Pirms neilga laika diženais ZS Kalniņtēvs saņēma no Balto Tēvu kustības atbalstītājiem tālajā Melngalvijā grāmatu ar piedāvājumu visiem par bajāriem un labiešiem kļūt.
Tad nu šeit lasait, kas no tā visa iznāca...

From: "Dr.Jerry Eze." <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 7:49 AM
Subject: Dr.Jerry Eze.

ATTN: The President/CEO


I have received vital and useful information about you, I am satisfied with such useful information.

Very pleased to be in contact with you, for the possibility of accepting my urgent proposal to you.

Please note that I dont have anything to hide for you, irrepecstive that I have not seen you in person but because of the source I got your particulars, I confidently believed that you will never betray the confidence I have reposed in you.

I am convinced that Nigerian Chamber of Commerce will never give me any contact that is not reliable.

Please note that I did not disclose this transactionto anybody accept you and my two committee members hence you should Keep this transaction secretly to yourself.

My name is Dr.Jerry Eze I am the chairman of the investigating committee for the Niger Delta Crisis involving the foreign oil firms {Mobil oil, Elf oil, AGIP oil,L.N.G}, and the Federal Government of Nigeria on the Delta Region.

By virtue of my position in this committee, I and my colleagues has been able to negotiate out for our self a total sum of twenty-four million United States Dollars, {$24,000,000,00}, which we want to transfer into a reliable/save account outside Nigeria.

These money accrued as a result of fund allocation given as compensation inrespect to the damages in the Niger Delta region, which was caused by Foreign expatriate working in the communities that was affected.

The communities demand for compensation to there farmlands, Which has been ecologically destroyed by the activities of these expatriate companies.

The Government on its part submitted a bill of 14% support derivation for the Niger delta which the National assembles passed into law.

The oil companies on their part will compensate the Communities on an agreed percentage {%}. Which we negotiated between the oil firms and the community's representatives.

Though the payment will be made installmentally through a period of six months under our supervision.

During the process of negotiation with both parties, we were able to set aside the twenty-four million Dollars {$24,000,000,00}, For our own use.

But as you know the civil service rule and regulation ACT of 1999, prohibits civil servants from having foreign account,that is why I am soliciting your assistance to provide for me your account particulars,

Where these money will be transferred quietly without attracting much tax and can be easily withdrawn without raising eyebrows.

If you would want to discuss with me in person first, then you can arrange to come to Nigeria for face toface meeting.

If you will play this role, of providing the receiving account, and at the same time pledge your honesty not to double cross us at the end of the transaction, we will be willing to give you only 20% of the total sum at the successful conclusion of the transfer.

Please do confirm to me via e-mail your acceptance and particulars of your bank so that I will commence action and will be keeping you posted on every development. Please also feel free to ask questions where necessary for further clarification.

Finally, this transaction is 100% risk free and I am perfectly in control. With hope my explanation should be clear to your understanding I look forward to having profitable business relationship with you. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation

Yours Faithfully,
Dr.Jerry Eze.

From: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
To: "Dr.Jerry Eze." <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 8:49 AM
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Hello Mr Dr. Jerry Eze !

It is very nice that You contact us. Just now we are finishing to asfaltet Tirelpurvs and wana to build there a big Mura pils . Our Bauer Caput GMBH already invest 2.300.000 (Two million , three hundred thousand) US oz in this transnational project. If You can invest more 2.300.000 we will finish la bajarization de la Lettonie.

Please inform , when You are ready to make transfer.

Best regards

Monsignore de Kalninuaa '

From: "C. O" <committeeonline1@hotmail.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 11:18 AM
Subject: Dr. Jerry Eze

Dear Monsignore de Kalninuaa ,

I have received your mail and thank you so much for your understanding to champn this transaction to its successful end, my assusrance to you is that th your sincere cooperation and assistance, we must actualize this transaction within the shortest period of time.

Please note that this transaction is not a child's play hence you should take the transaction very, very serious.

I am very much interested to invest some part of my money in your project as soon as this transaction is concluded, therefore do update me on your project to enable me analyse it.

I will also forward you my International Passport for your reference which I believe that you will also send yours so as for me to know whom I am doing business with.

This transaction can not take us more than 4 bank working days hence your immediate cooperation to see to the success of this transaction will be highly appreciated.

Do not hesitate to send your Banking Informations which you will receive the total sum, make sure the account will be very capable to receive the said sum since I will not want to hear any stories once the total sum gets to your care.

Before we can possible conclude this transaction, you will need to LEGALIZE your COMPANY by INCOPORATING your company here in Nigeria, which makes you a contractor which I have already proported you are.

With this, the said sum could be easily moved to your care through your company here.

Do call me on phone, 00234 80 33091662 so as for us to discuss further, alternatively do send your private telephone and fax numbers to enable me contact you

Bear in mind that all the necessary documents relating to this transaction will be sent to you for your reference.

I look forward to your urgent mail.,

Your sincerely.

Dr. Jerry Eze

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 11:47:04 +0300
From: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
To: Kriivi
Subject: Fw: Dr. Jerry Eze

Kungi ! Ir atrasts BAUER KAPUT generalsponsors ! Uz kurieni lai sis skaita naudu ? Jaa, 234- kas taa ir par valsti ?

de kalninua
jau gatavs buuveet jaunu kolas baseinu

pt vai sis teikums neskan skaisti ?>>> I am very much interested to invest some part of my money in your project...... !!!!!

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 10:49:26 -0500
From: Mr. Douglass
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Subject: Re: Fw: Dr. Jerry Eze

Varbut iesaki vinam ieskaitit 230,000 OZ into the personal account of I.I.Birjozkin, Birkenbank AG, 66 Berzins Avenue, Jaicograd, un ka iemeslu mini "in order to cover initial expenses with regards to your investment"? Un iesaki vinam "due to limitations imposed to by our laws, please register your company in Pokainu law office" vai kaut ko tadu. Ja vins ir Dr. eze, tad tu vari but Dr. Cibins, lawful representative and dzimtzemnieks of his Highness kalninua de la extra grande.

From: "mary don" <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 8:15 AM
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

i have not heard from you kindly send the following
informations for my follow up.
1,your private phone and fax numbers.
2,your account in formations.
3,your internation passport.
i wait your ugent reply.
Dr.Jerry Eze.

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:10:25 +0300
From: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
To: mary don <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Sir !

We apologize for long silence, but You should understand, that such serious investment as You offer need some preperation. Yesterday we had e meeting of board of our company - Kriivu domes seede . The leading businesmans and scientist of dievzemiite was participate . We are shure You already hear about elite of dievzemiite - dr. fon Dish la Picollo, Dizbarons fon Eisak, Mr. Duglass-Dvinskij, Martintehvs Sin and others. The board was leaded by Kriivu Kriivs Berzintehvs.

The bord take decision to accept Your investment $ 2.300.000 (TWO MILION THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND ) .

Board established special comission to prepear accounts for money transfer. We think that the safest way is to put money in Pokainu energetiskais caurums where it will be safety garded by Mr. Namejs Un Karadraudze.

For security reasons please in future use our special mail adress Kriivi. Latter we will inform You about special secret phone number.

We will prepear for You document package You demanded .

Contact You soon.

Best regards and have a nice day !

Monsignore de Kalninuaa'

ps We already pay to our attorney Mis Laimesmate 6000 $ oz . Hope it will not be a problem for You to include those miserable costs in our common expenses.

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 07:04:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: mary don <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Monsignore De Kalninuaa,

I appreciate your response towards the successful conclussion of this transaction and thank you board of Directors so much for the consideration for me to be a part and percel of your cooperation by the time this transaction successfully concludes.

Please bear in mind that you all have nothing to lose but to benefit at the successful end of this transaction therefore do not worry about the amount you spend to make this transaction a reality for we have mapped out 10% (USD240'000.000) of the total sum to take care of all the expenses incurred by your side and my side to see to the success of this transaction.

Like I informed you, this transaction cannot take us more than 7 banking working days once started with your sincere cooperation and assistance.

The good news is that my attorney has yesterday submitted an application on your behalf to the Central Bank of Nigeria and other various Ministries concerned for immediate approval of the funds on your behalf as the bonafide beneficiary to the total sum. As you should know, before the approval of the total sum on your behalf as the beneficiary to the total sum, you need to own a company here hence making you a true contractor before the Federal Repubic of Nigeria, Other Various Ministries concerned and the Central Bank of Nigeria.

To own a company here, I do not mean you will build one but to register the company in your company's name with one or two directors from your company as the directors of company.

With this, the Federal Government will understand that you are a bonafide contractor capable of executing such contract otherwise they will feel my attorney who is acting on your behalf proported you to receive the total sum.

Hence it is important that you send the followings:

1. Your Private telephone and fax numbers
2. Your receiving account informations
3. The name and Directors which will be used for registering the company.
4. A copy of your international Passport, and those of the Directors with contact addresses.

With this, we can successfully conclude this transaction without further delays.

Kindly call me on my Directr telephone number 00234 80 330 91662 to enable us discuss.

Looking forward to your response,

Dr. Jerry Eze

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:42:25 +0300
From: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
To: mary don <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Sir !

To insure You, that our goals are serious acording Your investment we inform, that we make insurance for this deal in BESARABIA LTD, the bigest sliktotevu insurance company in our region. For Your information we work with the famous Eurasian insurance agent Mr. Sliktaistevs Abdula Chechenov Ah Bar from Grozny, we are shure You know him.

Best regards

Monsignore de Kalninuaa'

ps Insurance cost us oz 23.000 $ , but knowing the total amount of deal we are sure You will share the costs.

From: "mary don" <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Sir,

Furtherance to my last mail to you, I understand the arrangements you are making to see to the security of both parties involved in this transaction by insuring the interest of participating parties.

I thank you so much for this arrangements and must assure you that by the time the funds are in your accounts, I will pay off the cost of Insurance with the Insurance company hence there is no need for you to worry yourself with the arrangements you are making, especially financially.

Like I told you in my previous mail to you, we have mapped out 10% of the total sum to take care of all the expenses incurred by both parties therefore do your utmost best with your board of Directors to see to the success of this transaction finacially and otherwise for you have nothing to lose at the successful end of the transaction.

From the good news my attorney gathered today from the bank, the panel of Directors in the Central Bank of Nigeria will be meeting for the approval of the funds on your behalf therefore it is important that you contact Dr. Sanusi Joseph the CBN Governor directly since he is the man in charge of approving the funds on your behalf.

You really need to be in close communications with him hence do not hesiate to contact him immediately with the telephone number 00234 80 372 09167 or e-mail: mrsanusijoseph@consultant.com to enable him instruct you on what to do to receive your funds.

Once you contact him, do not hesitate to let me know for my follow up.

Looking forward to your immediate response,

Dr. Jerry Eze

From: "mary don" <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 3:19 PM
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Sir,

Kindly respond to my last mail to you for my follow up.

Dr. Jerry Eze

From: Mr. Sanusi Joseph
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 9:23 PM







Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 08:48:46 +0300
From: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
To: mary don <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Mr. Jerry !

Sory not quick respond, Yesterday we should had to finish another deal for 6.900.000 investment in Visuma strukturization. Now Visums will be good strukturised, only there is still problem in our asfaltieren plans. Today we will send You documentation.

Best regards

Monsignore de Kalninuaa'

ps Other bord members wana me go to wisit You in Nigeria. So maybe see You soon. Mr. Abdulla Chechenov will come with me. Can You send Your's exact adress ? We will go with our personal plain Dzelzs putns.

From: "mary don" <drjerryeze222@yahoo.com>
To: Monsignore de Kalninuaa
Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: Dr.Jerry Eze.

Dear Sir,

I am happy to have received your message and your comments are well noted.

I will be glad to receive your people here in Nigeria, please let me know how many of you that are coming to enable me make arrangements to receive you people at
the airport.

Alternatively, you can make arrangements for a face to face meeting with me and my partner in Holland to enable us discuss and conclude this transaction immediately.

My suggestion is that we meet in Holland for this meeting hence it is important that you send this vital informations.

1. Your contacte telephone and fax numbers
2. Your receiving account informations,

Kindly forward this urgently for this is the only thing delaying this transaction.

Let me also know if you have contacted Dr. Sanusi Joseph for my follow up.

Dr. Jerry Eze